About Us

Overhaul is a strategic communications design company specializing in branding and identity programs. Based in Jordan, Serving the Middle East.

Your brand has a unique ability to bring people together, create fans, form tribes, and build communities. Brand identity is the visual language that unites audience and connects them to each other.

Creating brand identities that inspire consumers is our specialty; beginning with logo development and expanding into a comprehensive communication program, where distinctive visual expressions tell your brand's story and invites others to join.

At overhaul, Brand consultant, designer, and client unite to gather helpful knowledge, answer important questions, and develop comprehensive and systematic brand solutions.


1. Identity Planning
2. Interviews and Research
3. Potential Naming Phase
4. Logo/Wordmark Design
5. Implementation Planning
6. Application Design
7. Announcement Preparation
8. Identity Standards & Guidelines
9. Brand Environments & Signage Programs
10. Ongoing Identity Management


Brand identity projects are based on your specific requirements:
- Naming

- Logo design

- Stationery system

- Typographic solutions

- Product packaging

- Print collateral

- Web site design

- merchandising items

- Way finding system

- Staff uniform

- Vehicle labelling

- Brand identity manual


Creative Director, Founder
Salma Bushnaq
Director of Communication
Saed Saleh
Art Director
Mohamad Dbeij
Production Designer
Basma Hamdallah
Studio Manager
Abdeljaber Mamon
Graphic designer
Chuck Mora
Senior English Copywriter
Office Manager
Maher Khader


314 Zahran Street, 7th Circle, Amman
POBOX 144189 Amman 11814 Jordan
T 962 6 553 1145, F 962 6 553 1051


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WHAT IS A BRAND? overhaul will tell you: