Overhaul engineer the brand’s image by planning its strategy and designing brand’s visual identity, to build trust and loyalty among its stakeholders. By activating this brand, it become the marketing engine of a sustainable business, which generate valuable deals and lead more opportunities.
We partners with clients to guide them towards more successful branding decisions, delivering creative yet functional branding identities, strategies and experiences. Our team is capable of handling all levels of branding projects for different industries based on our experience in graphic design, information design, typography, product design, space design, and photography.
OVERHAUL methodology ensures that we only produce high quality, original and contemporary work of the highest standards.We strive to be an agent for positive change, grounded in our values and using our branding expertise to make a difference in the communities where we operate.
At Overhaul, brand consultant, designer, and client unite to gather helpful knowledge, answer important questions, and develop comprehensive and systematic brand solutions.